Urban Self Defense

or USD is taught on a private class basis only and is taught by apointment only by Advanced Senior Master Tim Stewart, 8th dan. These classes are only open to adults 18 and over. This is a 14 hour course taught over 14 weeks. Contact Master Tim for more information through the contact form on this site.


The "Over the Hill Gang"

  is our seniors class for adults 35 and over. Not sport

karate, but traditional karate taught at a pace, and in ways that take into account a senior's limits. O-Sensei Murphy has had students in their 70's enjoy and succeed participatng in this class.

EOTH Karate Classes meet at Gonzales Park in Compton. Saturdays 10 am to noon. Ages 6 to adult. 
Cost is only $75 per YEAR.

Special classes available for seniors

What USD is not.  It is not a workout or exercise class, for that I point you to the nearest fitness center or Zumba studio. It is not to build confidence in children so that they can handle bullies. These are serious techniques that are NOT suitable for children.  It is not traditional karate, although I am well and extensively trained in traditional karate. It is not submission fighting. It IS a serious system of personal combat designed to ingrain tactical habits of personal protection, and unarmed techniques that WORK in real life personal combat situations.  These are not techniques developed in a sporting ring. These are martial arts techniques developed over centuries for unarmed personal combat against foes intent on harming you. These are attitudes and techniques that have proven their worth in the streets.  You don’t care about looking tough. You don’t care about looking like an action film star. If you can walk a city block, you can do USD. Your goal is the safety of your loved ones and yourself. You want what works. You want USD.

EOTH is a full karate program. From the very beginning, we have emphasized self defense and character develment through hard martial arts practice.  Through drills, waza, kata, kumite, tameshiwari, and kubudo, we sharpen our skills and character.


Since our founding in 1972, when O-Sensei taught students in his garage, we have recognized that self defense is often the most immediate need for our students. So we stress those techniques first. Sport karate comes second as we feel that plastic trophiess are empty prizes, if you still get beat up after school. Unlike some schools that only spar in tournaments, we prepare our students to compete in every division of karate competition. From sparring to forms, weapons, showmanship, and breaking.